Birthed in a Woman’s Power

Mother, you inspire me. You carry this baby inside you, your task incomprehensible. For many long months discomfort will torment you, forcing you to surrender in ways so foreign to you.

You  will be told by others how you must be and what to do, some of these things deeply personal, and through the process will be challenged to find your own voice and claim what you want. In so doing you will exercise choice and know it’s power.

You will experience your body explode before your eyes and deal with the change in dynamics of it’s movement, tested to accept a new beauty and grace that lays within.

Your belief system will be challenged in unparalleled ways, opening yourself to a new world where so much more is possible for you and available to you.

You will gain a whole new level of understanding of the relationship of fear and courage. As pain, the unknown, stories of other’s struggles, risk, etc. race through your mind, you will dance again and again with fear and find yourself with the task of summoning courage. Your confidence will grow with your baby.

In an entirely new way, you will become intimate with your body, your thoughts and feelings, commitment, connection, your higher power, love, humility, being in the moment, creativity, choice, the stories you tell yourself about you, and so much more.

This task that you bear will change you. It is nothing short of pure transformation. Not just for the 9 LONG months, but for your entire life. What you learn about yourself here can carry you on your path to wherever you want to go.

Mother, I can’t fathom the intensity of your journey, only perhaps these glimpses. I believe in you. I have big dreams for you, as big as the love I carry in my heart for you.

I know you may feel alone at times. It may get pretty dark and you may not be able to see what’s on the other side of that darkness. Be gentle with yourself and compassionate. There are those that love you. They are all around you.

Mother, you inspire me. As I bear witness to your process, I journey with you. I am humbled beyond measure.

(This post is inspired by two most precious women in my life – Charlotte Scott and Roxy Stephens. Charlotte is my amazing wife and a Doula with Labor of Love Doula and Childbirth Services. Her skills as a Doula have helped many women discover the very real power that is all theirs for the claiming in their journey towards, and in the process of childbirth. As a life partner she is a blessing to me.  Roxy is my stepdaughter, now pregnant with a baby boy. I am blessed she is in my life.)


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