The Storm

Even the radar cannot deny a path of torrent that’s on the way. Soon the heavens will break and cry and life will forever change this day. It has happened before so many times and all the signs were there to see for those who knew the history. Sure, now it was calm with sun … Continue reading

An Ocean of Gifts

I’m sitting on a balcony sipping my coffee four stories up at a nice resort on the beach. It is a beautiful morning. The sun shines in spurts through multiple shades of greyed clouds, temporarily warming me from the slight coolness in the air on this December day. Birds play and feed on a sandbar … Continue reading

My Avatar Is 56 Today

And so it is. My body turns 56 today. I’m okay with that. It is, after all, just my body. And yet I do own there is an anxiousness within me that stirs in the chambers of this vehicle. In my soul. That which IS me. That part which has chosen this physical journey. That … Continue reading

Both Oars in the Water

A different twist to the old saying about having both oars in the water: When we live coerced by the wishes and demands of others, trying to please and worrying about what others think, it’s as if we are in a boat and have only one oar in the water. That oar is heavy with … Continue reading

Goodbye My Beautiful Sister

It is Christmas Eve. My sister Mare made her transition just recently and the grief runs deep within me.   I am filled with memories of her. Her beauty, her smile, her kindness, her gentle and loving spirit, her caring, her joy. This is how I will always remember her.   An emptiness has taken … Continue reading