Goodbye My Beautiful Sister

It is Christmas Eve. My sister Mare made her transition just recently and the grief runs deep within me.   I am filled with memories of her. Her beauty, her smile, her kindness, her gentle and loving spirit, her caring, her joy. This is how I will always remember her.   An emptiness has taken … Continue reading

Healing Moments

(click image to view larger) This photo speaks of healing moments for me. As do inspirational words I embedded from an excerpt of Guilliame Apollinaire’s poem. I stood on top of the continental divide in Glacier National Park with my father back in the summer of 2004 after a long hike up scary terrain. It … Continue reading

The Terrorist In The Mirror

Yes, you read that correctly. So the calendar has flipped past yet another September 11. Posts flooded Facebook accompanied by photos. Journalists filled their columns with emotional content. Conspiracy theorists re-shared their perspective. Politicians spoke of the ongoing threats since. And some views told of the US’s part in it all. Perhaps the perspective that … Continue reading

Love Is Here

Love Is Here Will you find it at your door,after all the crys and howls in the nightlonged for and pleaded forYet seldom, perhaps, recognized before? Will you? Love is here.It knocks, seeking your knowing glance,to catch your gaze that seems to look beyondas if to say, “surely I will find it someday”. Will you? … Continue reading

Beauty In My Heart

Many tears this morning as I look at old photos of my mom. She lives today in the loneliness of dementia and only has rare moments when she can recognize something or someone through the cloud that is now her memory. So yes, this Mothers Day is a painful one. And somehow in the midst … Continue reading